Was Kunden über Beds24 sagen

Tausende von Unterkünften weltweit nutzen den Beds24 Channel Manager, das PMS und die Buchungsmaschine, um Prozesse zu automatisieren, den Umsatz zu steigern, den Betrieb zu verbessern und das Gästeerlebnis zu erhöhen. Lesen Sie, was sie über Beds24 sagen:

Monika und Jürgen Meyer
Landhaus Edelmann

Schon lange suchten wir nach einem guten und günstigen online Buchungssystem für unsere Homepage. Beds24 war genau das richtige für uns. Der Channel Manager mit vielen Vertriebskanälen. Ein Property Management System das sich genau an unsere Bedürfnisse anpassen lässt. Preislich ist Beds24 sicher eines der günstigsten Systeme! Es ist einfach einzurichten, und wenn es doch mal problematisch wird, ist der Support schnell hilfsbereit. Damit können wir unseren Gästen provisionsfreie online Buchungen anbieten und Anzahlungen entgegennehmen. Wir werden Beds24 uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

Heiko Roth
Traumferienhäuser Schwarzwald

Ich nutze Beds24 sowohl als Vermittler von Ferienhäusern sowie ebenso als Vermieter. Das Buchungssystem und Channelmanagement ist sehr flexibel und hat sehr viele Möglichkeiten das System für die eigenen Bedürfnisse zu konfigurieren.

Die Automatisierung von wichtigen Prozessen und Abläufen und der Kommunikation mit den Feriengästen wird sehr vereinfacht und ermöglicht Unternehmenswachstum und Zeiteinsparungen.

David Lee
Uptown Apartments

Thanks to the auto action function, you can make the system do almost anything you want it to. In an age of increased efficiency and automation, this makes Beds24 the ideal product. I am still only just realizing half of the things I can automate, meaning that as I continue using the product, I will be able to continue increasing my efficiencies. The next best, but very much related, characteristic is its ability to integrate with other systems. There is no point trying to be the best at everything. Beds24 gets the nuts and bolts perfect, then makes sure you can hook into other systems extremely easily to fine tune your total tech package.

Marcel Uckermarck
Penny Pincher Inn - Cologne Hostel

Anfangs habe ich mich schwergetan das richtige Buchungsprogramm zu finden. Ähnliche Leistungen mit unterschiedlichsten Masken und utopischen Preisunterschieden. Wer sich nicht scheut, sich in die Materie von PMS, Channelmanager, etc. einzuarbeiten, dem kann ich Beds24 nur wärmstens ans Herz legen. Anfangs scheint alles etwas kompliziert, doch mithilfe der gestellten Videos und Dokumentationen findet man sich schnell zu Recht. Das Support-Team steht einem immer mit nützlichen Tipps zur Seite. Es wird stetig an Verbesserungen gearbeitet, wie dem Drag and Drop Kalender. Beds24 bietet auf DIY-Basis alles, was große Softwarelösungen mit komplizierten Verträgen, utopischen Preisen und bescheidenem Support bieten. Beds24 ist für kleine Unternehmen nicht nur sinnvoll, sondern ein Muss um konkurrenzfähig zu werden. Ohne Beds24 wäre mein Hostel nicht da wo es heute ist.

Vielen Lieben Dank für die tolle Unterstützung und auf eine lange weitere Zusammenarbeit in der wir gemeinsam wachsen.

Luc Delorme
Zen Namkhan Resort

We use Beds24 since over a year we are very happy about the program it worked well when we synchronized with other databases like Expedia. The technical support is also first class. They did a great job.

Susan Butler
Espais Roca

We have worked with a lot of software solutions over the years and most suffer from an excess of marketing promises and a lack of delivery and reliability. Working with Beds 24 is the opposite. The platform is rock solid and the functionality is vast. In fact their uptime is more than 15% higher according to booking.com than our previous 'market leading' supplier. Most impressive is the willingness that the Beds24 team has to take on board and quickly implement suggested improvements that make a huge difference to our business. Great work guys!

Stefano Greco

With Beds24 we have finally found what we were looking for. After trying many software and experiencing controversial results we now have a great booking system which delivers exactly what it promises and it is constantly updating with new interesting features. Beds24 offers a degree of flexibility and adaptability that is really hard to find in other competitors allowing us to set up our products properly and manage them smoothly. Support is also excellent offering prompt replies and high levels of customer assistance. We highly recommend Beds24, give it a chance and you will not regret it.

Martin Page
Finca Son Jorbo


I had spent months trying to find a new PMS and Online Booking Engine for our bed and breakfast. There are literally hundreds out there, and I have tested lots of them, but trying to find one that would work for us seemed to be impossible. However Beds24 seems to be ideal. It has a huge range of features that are continually being updated and every time I think "wouldn't it be great if it could do..." I discover that it either already can, or they can find a way to make it happen. You can customize it as much or as little as you like and I have taken quite a long time to get it set up just the way I want it and despite me asking endless questions, I have always had quick and helpful support from them. The pricing is also very reasonable for such a fully featured system. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner as I would have saved myself a lot of time.

apartments barcelona city

We are a small company from Barcelona, and we manage the apartments (approx. 30 individual units) directly. It’s been 4 years since we started using Beds24 and it’s property management system made our day to day activities a lot easier while drastically reducing the workload (probably reduced 3-4h of work a day).

We had previously tested some other PMS, channel managers and booking systems, and none of them offered such possibilities and definitely not for such good price! We book our apartments the same way a hotel books rooms – on Booking.com we have 2 types and then the bookings get assigned to the actual apartments – this is very easy to set up in Beds24 by using virtual rooms. Automatic emails make our life easier (whenever we get a reservation, the client automatically receives an email with arrival directions and answers to FAQ, etc.).

It’s also easy to optimize revenue by increasing the price automatically for high-demand periods, or applying a discount for low seasons, last minute, etc. Beds24 is Booking.com preferred partner, and it works great with them, importing all the modifications, you can even report the credit card as invalid directly from Beds24. On top, we use Beds24 to create invoices, we can follow the monthly revenue by the click of the mouse in standard reports. Besides, with some basic css, you can modify the look and feel and adapt it to your other web content, and get a nice booking website.

Markus Harnau
mönchgut living&spa

Wir haben uns viele PMS angeschaut, bevor wir uns für Beds24 entschieden haben und bisher haben wir unsere Wahl keine Sekunde lang bereut.

Von der Flexibilität und den technischen Möglichkeiten her ist Beds24 schlicht grandios. Mit Beds24 lassen sich selbst komplizierte Wünsche und Vorgänge abbilden. Beds24 bietet Möglichkeiten, die selbst sehr viel teurere PMS nicht bieten können. Ohnehin ist der Preis von Beds24 unschlagbar. Wir haben kein anderes PMS gefunden, das preislich und technisch mithalten kann.

Außerdem ist der Support vorbildlich. Egal, ob man banale oder schwierige Fragen hat, man erhält stets eine persönliche Antwort in wenigen Stunden und wird nicht mit standardisierten Antworten abgespeist, wie es leider bei vielen Mitbewerbern gängig ist. Außerdem ist der Support sogar für sinnvolle Verbesserungsvorschläge offen und bemüht, individuelle Wünsche zu berücksichtigen.

Kurzum, wir können jedem Beherbergungsbetrieb Beds24 wärmstens empfehlen!

Jim Chapotelle
Island Time RV

Island Time RV is a travel trailer rental company located in Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada. Our requirements for a booking system were quite unique, as we are not a conventional cottage, bed & breakfast or hotel. After searching and testing many other booking systems that fell short for our needs we found Beds24, thankfully! Our experience configuring and integrating Beds24 into our islandtimerv.ca website has been simple and effective, even with our custom needs. Working with the team at Beds24 to add some special enhancements has been a pleasure. They are a team on their game, quick and responsive and able to exceed our expectations on all levels…Thank You Beds24!

Seaside Apartments Malta

We had been on the look out for a PMS/CRS, Channel manager solution and Booking engine that would give us holistic management of our properties whilst being affordable and well-thought-out.

We wanted multiple rates + policies to show on our website with same conditions as shown on Channels and OTAs as well as automated Guest and Staff communication by email and SMS, channel management and offers as well as yield optimization of rates. We also automated our notifications to staff and created accounts for different members to focus on their tasks. This made work simpler and highly efficient enabling us to focus on business development of future properties and scalability.

Although we were hesitant at first to take on a self-catering solution, we found the material prepared on Beds24 Wiki section highly informative and their customer support fantastic. It is evident that the persons behind this have done their homework well, and we're delighted to be using them. Absolutely a perfect solution for our business needs.

Ali, Managing Partner
Cognisant Hosting

We have designed and manage many websites for small and medium-sized hotels and B&Bs. We believe we understand the needs of hospitality sector and have a clear view of what works for our customers. We have worked for a number of years with Beds24, having tried many othes in the past! Beds24 is extremely easy to integrate with websites regardless of the platforms used. The flexible rate plans, multiple property option, and easy management tools, make rate management and channel management effortless for us and our clients. Where we have needed new or additional features, Beds24 have been responsive, accommodating, and delivered great solutions. Annette & Mark are great business partners, and we cannot think of a single reason why we would use another company.

Caroline, proprietor
Cortijo Valverde

We looked for a suitable online booking system for over 2 years and trialed 3 systems before choosing Beds24. We found no other system had the flexibility or the ease of use delivered by Beds24, and certainly nobody could match the price. With Beds24 system we have managed to reduce our booking processing time and increase conversion. Added to the product's excellent performance, is the second-to-none customer service Mark and Annette are always available to help and are a delight to work with. We have no hesitation in recommending Beds24.

George Amber
Amber House Limited

Before we chose Beds24 we evaluated more than 23 on-line booking systems from 7 separate countries.

Some systems were simply too expensive for a small B&B like ourselves and most did not have the minimum facilities that busy hosts need to simplify their lives and maximize profits.

We have found the Beds24 interface easy and intuitive to use without reading manuals and the developers remain very responsive to our comments and wishes.

Beds24s security features are in advance of their competitors and for sheer value for money their online booking system and reservations calendar is unsurpassed.

At most data entry fields in Beds24 immediate help is available if you `hover the mouse over the field - beats reading the fine manual! Beds24 has simplified our busy lives and increased our profits!

Arenberg Home Apartments Brussels

Coming from IT/Telco world and recycled into hospitality operations business, I spent almost 2 years testing/experimenting PMS and channel management software that match with my business model. I was simply looking for a solution that resolves my practical problems of double booking, taking payments automatically, flexible reporting on costs of operations, so I can track what's going on.

While most of them look shine and beautiful, I got disappointed by their expensive pricing model, and closed architecture not allowing creativity in operations. I came accross Beds24 that answers favorably to all my requirements and even goes beyond by offering amazingly advanced functionality such as yield price management . Most importantly, anytime I wake up in the morning with a new idea Beds24 still accompanies me by making its reliable APIs available for a try.

Besides numerous features, other important aspect is support . Beds24 support is 5 stars: Efficient documentation written in Wiki and available videos for self learners. An extremely reactive team who knows what it is doing. No bug found in more than 8 months of operations, which deserves awards.

I highly recommand this software for hands-on users who can build even their own hospitality software on top of this rock-solid core PMS!

Starboard House

After trying many online booking systems we found that Beds24 provided the best booking system that is easy to use, has a lot of options to suit every accommodation provider and their technical support is very fast and helpful. I would recommend them.

Beat Wehrle
Huan Saran Guesthouse

I am very happy with Beds24, It makes my work with 2 guesthouses much easier and thanks to more booking engines, we increased our bookings many times.

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